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Mount Majura Gold

The hives are located in native pasture close to a rain-fed dam. The bees have easy access to clean, clear water all year round and can forage on the native flora - a wide range of forbes, eucalypts and wattles. This unspoilt and varied landscape provides the bees with different feeding opportunities throughout the year.

Natural goodness


Mount Majura overlooks the Majura Valley on the edge of Canberra - Australia's capital city. At 750m above sea level the climate is dry; hot in summer, cool in winter. Occasionally it even snows!

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nothing less


We use Langstroth hives and harvest conservatively, ensuring plenty of honey remains in the hives to see the bees through winter.

After harvest we triple filter the honey through progressively finer sieves. The result is a clear, soft, golden honey which pours easily and doesn't crystallise, even at cool temperatures.